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"Thamarai - Rise of new Villa Community at Guduvanchery, Chennai"

Welcome to a destination where every creation is as vivid as your imagination. Thamarai is a place for the young and old, big and small – a unique space where great moments come to life as you relive your childhood, all over again. Create precious memories with your family that will last a life time as you discover a new and magical life style.

These Independent Floors provide a freedom of living where you are not forced to live in claustrophobic environment. Each of the independent floors is designed to give you a feel of life of liberty and a great sense of space.

The Thamarai villas will surely take you to the world where fables come to life, immersing you in lifestyle inspired by some of your favorite dream. With meticulously designed aesthetic interiors, they are the spaces so vibrant that while you enjoy the best living style, you and your family will create the best moments. Moments that you will wish like framing to adorn your wall for all times to come. And you can have all this without having to pay through your nose.

Independent Floors at Thamarai is truly an address you have always aspired for.

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